About Us:
Artist: Tru Chartreuse
Website design: Dianimation.com
Engineer: Kenneth Tentarelli
Beta tester: Linda Friedlander

Coloring Book Portraits are created by the accomplished animator - artist Geltruda Chartreuse. Her friends cal her "Tru". A life-long artist, Ms. Chartreuse has animated many popular TV cartoons, and has a specialty in portrait painting. While working at Mattel, the animation colorists told Tru that they enjoyed coloring her scenes. There are a lot of scenes to color in animation, so that was quite a compliment!

Tru began to work on coloring books with lively themes, open spaces for creative coloring, and fun designs. Tru has also created custom coloring books for weddings and other special occasions - at first, the idea was to have an activity for the young people. While the children did enjoy coloring, it soon was obvious that people of all ages love to color. Coloring brings everyone together, a real ice breaker, with everyone sharing crayons, stories and memories.

At one wedding, the coloring was more popular than the Karaoke! Plus, there were beautiful brightly colored scenes for the Bride and Groom to take home! In the Tips on Coloring, Tru advises the coloring artist to color two scenes, one for the host and one for themselves.

At Coloring Book Portraits, packages of scenes can be combined to portray your life and family, in a custom coloring book portrait, delivered by email. Ms. Chartreuse strives to add humor and ingenuity to her scenes, and promises new scenes every month. Soon, there will be pages that you can color, cut out, and make into flipbooks - then you will be animating too!